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We use techniques like brain imaging, measuring nervous system activity, and even assessing hormones and immune function in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the consumers’ experience.





Behavioral Analysis

Even the smallest behavior reveals crucial information about how consumers feel. We analyze micro-expressions, vocal features, and body language to get deep insights into what drives your customer and triggers conversions.


 Green and Red Apples

Implicit Attitudes

Consumers’ preferences are rooted in subconscious processes that they can’t easily access or explain. We conduct robust scientific assessments to gain access to consumers’ subconscious desires.



Know how customers react physically, subconsciously, and behaviorally.

Surpass typical research with a direct window into your customers’ minds.

At every stage of business, get insights that customers can’t even express.



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Red Allures

It’s no secret that red makes a statement. Businessmen wear red ties as a “power move” and women wear red lipstick when they’re feeling fierce. But what does the color red really do for us? Does it just make us feel a certain way, or does it really change how people see us?  

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Frequently Asked


What is consumer neuroscience?

Consumer neuroscience is the application of neuroscience technologies and approaches to understanding consumer behavior.

Consumers aren’t great at expressing why they like or dislike something; even if they think they are.

Consumer neuroscience bypasses this problem by measuring emotional responses directly.

We use neuroscience techniques to measure the primary motivators of consumer behavior. By understanding how consumers feel, think, and behave, our clients appeal to their customer’s real emotions.

How is consumer neuroscience different?

Traditional consumer research is limited to what consumers are willing to say. But science shows that consumers aren’t even aware of what’s actually driving their behavior.

Our methods surpass typical self-reported opinions by directly measuring how people’s brains and bodies react to media, products, and advertising.

You can literally know more about how your customers feel than they do.

Can you do consumer neuroscience online?

Yes! We obviously can’t get brain scans through a computer monitor (we wish!), but a subset of our methods work well online. For example, an online project could include analysis of nonverbal and verbal behavior to verify demand for a service, identify target markets, or refine product designs.

Collecting video data lets us analyze emotion expressions, body posture, gaze direction, speech content, and vocal features. We can also administer custom accuracy/speed tasks that reveal subconscious attitudes and desires.

Consumer neuroscience research conducted online provides much deeper insight into how consumers feel than simply asking for their opinion.

What about in-person lab research?

Definitely! We love biometric data. In other words, we hook consumers up to a bunch of monitors that track everything from skin temperature to neural activity.

So in addition to behavioral data, we directly gauge their physical responses to your product, brand, or marketing collateral.

Nothing makes us happier than having tons of data to analyze because it provides so much valuable information. Imagine crafting your marketing strategy knowing what kind of physical reaction your audience will have. We help you do that!

What kind of clients do you help?

We specialize in helping companies in the entertainment industry. Films, tv shows, and video games, among others, are all valued because they provide an emotional experience.

Our methods directly measure that emotional experience during product development and media creation. Our results test what response audiences are having and provide a roadmap for how to increase the thrill.

Even if you’re not promoting a film, consumer neuroscience has a large number of applications. In other words, we do help clients outside of the entertainment industry so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

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